Midwest Photo Shopper is a monthly newsletter dedicated to buying, selling, and trading used photographic equipment. We distribute about 8,000 issues every month to subscribers, and through a network of camera clubs, camera repair facilities, camera stores, and photo equipment swap meets. Midwest Photo Shopper is sent to all 50 of the United States, Japan, China, France, Germany, Spain, and Switzerland. For more information on MPS, take a tour of our website, and see the offerings of some of our advertisers...

  • MICHAEL KORAK - Michael Korak's is an individual dealing in mostly  German cameras (including Leica, Rollei, Exakta, Voigtlander, Zeiss, Minox and Kodak Retina).

  • COLE'S CAMERAS - Cole Seaborn carries a full line of used photo equipment, from collectibles to modern digital equipment, from subminiature, through 35mm and medium format, all the way to large format, and he even "does darkroom".

  • PORTER'S CAMERA STORE - (Link to their website) - Porter's caters to the buff, the hobbyist, the enthusiastic amateur photographer - If you are more than a hunt-and-peck snapshooter but not quite a pro, then their catalog that will work for you. Featuring over 4,000 photo related items to help the photographers enjoy their hobby, they have everything from point'n'shoot leaf shutter cameras to popular brands of SLR's and accessories. They also have amateur darkroom equipment and supplies, books, slide equipment, lighting and more!

  • THE CAMERA PLACE - (link to their website) - The Camera Place is a long-time camera dealer in Nikon, Canon, Minolta, Olympus, and much more, including a nice offering of used equipment. Talk to Faye, Matthew, Buzz or Lew. (Website updated every Friday)

  • VILLAGE CAMERA - (link to their website) - Gordy Granger of Village Camera is a dealer in used photographic equipment only. His inventory spans the realm from books and collectibles, to movie and video equipment, and all the way to modern 35mm and medium/large format equipment.